The Allegan Community Players have chosen the lineup of shows for this year’s One Acts Festival to be performed May 19th & 20th at 7:00 p.m. at the Griswold Auditorium.

Connections by Theresa Lynn, PhD Directed by Jane Holewa

A fun and thought provoking play showing how we are all connected on many different levels.   CAST: 2 M, 5 F

Mac – Grandfather

Emma – Grandmother

#1 – Sister in charge (sisters are Not nuns)

#2 – Assistant sister

#3 – Sister in training

Virgil – Emma’s & Mac’s grown son

Serena – Virgil’s daughter


Mistakes and Stories by Sarah Linkous Directed by Jordan Brookhouse

Three friends retelling stories of their past drunken antics attract the attention of a stranger with his own story to tell. But, his sense of humor has soured over the past few centuries.


Hank – Burly, middle-aged man, a story teller

Daryl – Middle-aged man with a flare for the dramatic

Frank – More level headed than his friends

Looking – Old Norse God of Mischief


Eight Rings of the Bell by Abigail Hagerty Directed by Emmagrace Kasprzyk

CAST: 4 M, 4 F, 1 Boy about 13

A touching look at a family tragedy and yet life goes on.

Aiden- Main character, 13 years old, likes to listen to Grandfather’s old stories

Grandfather – Aiden’s grandfather,67 years old, short,  always talking about what happened when he was young, likes to randomly start singing songs.  Marie and Mom’s dad.

Mom – Aiden’s mom, 42 years old, kinda nervous, checks on Aiden a lot, nice and gentle likes to keep things clean.

Dad – Aiden’s dad, 45 years old, funny, supportive of his children, tries to cheer people up if they are down.

Uncle Mark – Aiden’s uncle, father’s brother, 32 years old, kind of quiet, usually only talks to Aiden, always has a deck of cards with him.

Michael – Aiden’s older brother, goes to college, serious, looks out for Aiden, nervous about becoming a father, overly protective of Katie

Katie – Michael’s wife, Aiden’s sister in law, 23 years old super excited to be a mom, Aiden feels like she can be told anything   

Aunt Marie – Aiden’s aunt, mother’s sister, 38 years old, wild, party girl



A Very Open House by Bonnie Grooters Directed by Rachel Bywater

A real estate open house with a couple of twists

CAST: 5M, 7W, 1 Either M or F

Selena Russel – Younger sister, thirtyish

Dortha Watkins – Older sister, thirtyish

Charles – Real estate agent, fiftyish

Theresa – Real estate agent, fiftyish

Uncle Eddie – Selena & Dortha’s uncle, 60ish

Aunt Sara – Eddie’s wife, 60ish


Two couples – potential home buyers (no lines)

Mr. Davidson – over 65, (1 line)

Mrs. Davidson – over 65 (1 line)